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Top 5 Videos of People Standing Up for Friends

1. Scene From The Breakfast Club


The group covers for Bender

2. Scene from Beverly Hills 90210

Donna Martin is not graduating with her class, and she is not allowed to take her finales, all because of a new rule.

3. Stand By Me

Gordie stands by Ace

4. Neil’s Puppet Dreams

Neil has fallen in love with a puppet but the other puppets won’t let him have her.

5.  Pippin

The finale of the musical.





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Creativity takes many forms for me, I love to cook, and craft and write. I have been writing a long time on my blog, In a World of My Own and Other Musings of Every Day Life and I wanted a new outlet for another form of creativity and expression.

This blog is for the explorer, and the academic inside. Many of you don’t know that after I saw The Mummy I was intrigued by the Book of the Dead and I purchased a book that told about it’s secrets.

If you are a female writer you should read L.M. Montgomery’s Emily of New Moon series because it’s the story of how Emily falls in love with writing and her struggle to become published.

I love Alton Brown, the knowledge that comes out of his mouth whether its science or historical is always so fascinating. Whether he is talking about the birth place of Dunkin Hines or how healthy Cucumber water is for you, he always seems to have something to say.

As I said, this is my introduction. It may have a little of everything this time. Next time you get more detail. I want to share more of me.



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