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It is Gypsy Rose Lee’s Birthday!

Gypsy Rose Lee, full-length portrait, seated a...

Gypsy Rose Lee, full-length portrait, seated at typewriter, facing slightly right / World Telegram & Sun photo by Fred Palumbo. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have always loved the musical “Gypsy Rose Lee”, as this is the real life Gypsy Rose Lee’s Birthday. She was born Rose Louise Hovick on January 9, 1911 to Rose Hovick (née Rose Evangeline Thompson) and Norwegian-American John Olaf Hovick. She also had a younger sister, Ellen Evangeline, better known as June Havoc on the vaudeville circuit.

It was a hard life for Gypsy Rose Lee, or Louise as she was called, and she was always playing a secondary role to her sister June. It was their mother, and the girls, and the boys they hired as backup singers. The girls eventually outgrew the act but Rose insisted because it was such a hit, than June ran off with one of the backup singers. Then it was just Louise and her mother. They were always scrounging for money. Times were hard. Louise was able to sew so she created the costumes and mended them as needed. Then her mother got her a booking at Minsky’s Burlesque. Louise knew they needed the money, but this theater known for its strippers. Louise got into one of her fancy outfits and hopped on stage. She was very nervous, for one, because she had never stripped before, but she talked to the girls backstage and they told her all about their routines. The rest is history.

Gypsy Rose Lee worked as an actress, and was able to fulfill other passions in writing. She performed in movies. She wrote three books, The G-String Murders, (which was made into a film shortly thereafter titled Lady of Burlesque); Mother Finds a Body and Gypsy: A Memoir. She also wrote a play entitled The Naked Genius.

Lee married three times; she even had a son, Erik Lee Preminger, and son of film director Otto Preminger. She was a political activist. She loved art and received art as gifts from many of her admirers.

The road in which she traveled, it would have appeared as if stripping was what she was suppose to do. If she hadn’t tried, she would have never have gotten to try and succeed at all the other things she did. She only really did because her family needed the money to survive. Now I am not saying that you should go and start stripping because that is where Gypsy Rose ended up, because you still have to remember, then came there thinking that they were going to perform vaudeville.

Here is Gypsy Rose Lee performing one of her routines edited of course.





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Elvis Aaron Presley was Born

Promotional photograph of Elvis Presley, taken...

Promotional photograph of Elvis Presley, taken in 1954. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Elvis Aaron Presley was born January 8, 1935 in Tupelo, Mississippi to Vernon Elvis Presley and Gladys Love Presley (née Smith). In school, Presley was always strumming a guitar that was given to him for his birthday and although shy at first, with a little help he was soon singing. In November of 1948, they moved to Memphis, Tennessee, where Elvis was raised on the blues. He loved listening to the jukebox, which had a whole bunch of country songs, and he soon knew the songs by heart.

Everyone talks of the tale when he went to Sun Records to pay studio time to record a record for his mother for her birthday. He sang “My Happiness” and “That’s When Your Heartaches Begin“, some say he was hoping to be discovered. The songs may have sounded beautiful but maybe the sound just wasn’t his own. Presley was presenting the popular sound that everyone was use to hearing, and from him apparently it sounded like nothing particularly special. He auditioned for lots of acts and received many rejections. Elvis worked at his sound and his moves. He grew up listening to Southern Gospel, the Blues, Country, and spiritual music.

Sam Phillips, the owner of Sun Records called him back, he thought he heard something, but when he and the backup band played the ballads, he wasn’t getting the sound he wanted. He wanted a southern black sound. They played, played, and still no sound. Phillips told Elvis and the boys to take a break. Elvis started relaxing and started playing “That’s All Right”, and there was the sound Phillips was looking for. Not long after that Elvis gave his first live performance at the Bon Air Club. He would be shaking his hips and the girls would be screaming. The crowd was wild.

The Elvis Presley sound became so big, well, you know, he became the King of Rock and Roll. He had many number one singles including “Jailhouse Rock” which I am sharing with you. Presley ran into a few problems with his moves, apparently they were found in some ways to be a little too sexual and needed to be censored. He didn’t only love to sing, he grew to love acting. I loved watching  all his movies including Viva Las Vegas with Ann-Margret and Blue Hawaii as crazy as they were.  But when you listen to him sing “Love Me Tender” you could just melt.




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It’s a Wonderful Life Premiered at the Globe Theater in New York

It’s a Wonderful Life Poster from

On December 20, 1946, It’s a Wonderful Life premiered at the Globe Theatre in New York. The story is based on the short story “The Greatest Gift“, which Philip Van Doren Stern wrote in 1939. Frank Capra produced and directed this classic, which is on every year around Christmas time without fail. This movie of course, would make a great Christmas gift, or would be great movie, to just sit down with the family to view together.

The story takes place in Bedford Falls. James Stewart plays George Bailey, and Donna Reed play Mary Hatch Bailey with Henry Travers playing Clarence. George Bailey always wanted to be a world traveler, his life becomes sidetracked by his father’s business, Bailey Building and Loan Association when he ends up running it, but Bailey is able to make a nice life for himself. His nemesis is Mr. Henry F. Potter, the banker, played by Lionel Barrymore, and known to be a slumlord and majority shareholder in the Building and Loan Association who doesn’t believe in helping the poor. He is not happy when the Bailey Building and Loan starts loaning money for the poor so they can have their own homes. He wants them to life in Potter’s Field. Life is not anything like George Bailey planned.

Mr. Henry F. Potter knows everyone hates him in town and is not afraid to say it. “George, I am an old man, and most people hate me. But I don’t like them either so that makes it all even.”
It is obvious he is a stick in the mud, and will always be unhappy and wants to bring the world down with him, but he wants all the money, and probably thought a long time ago that that might make him happy.

This movie reminds us what Christmas is all about, helping people so that they can make a better life for themselves. It is not about shopping and sales, and materialism. Sometimes the greatest gift you may have to gift is something you made or something of your own. It is could also be a family heirloom passed down from generation to generation that may be nothing more than paste but has sentiment. We don’t love people because of their materialistic things. That is like demanding gifts. The best gift you can have is being together.





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Gone with the Wind Premiered on December 15, 1939 at the Loew’s Grand Theatre

On December 15, 1939 in Atlanta, Georgia, Gone with the Wind premiered at the Loew’s Grand Theatre. One million people attended. They had three days of festivities in honor of the movie and they even had a parade. There were limousines and people dressed in costumes like confederates. Mayor William B. Hartsfield hosted the event and Eurith D. Rivers, the governor of Georgia attended, and declared December 15 a state holiday. Clark Gable attended the event under direst, he wanted to boycott the event, but somehow someone convinced him to attend.

This would have been a great event to attend around the holidays. People in other states would have been able to give tickets to the premiere at gifts for the holiday.

To get in to see Gone with the Wind was quite expensive. There were limited seats, and it cost a $1 to see the movie. This was more than double the price. They charged this price for the show from December 1939 through July of 1940. The movie only played at a limited number of theaters.

Gone with the Wind cost 7 million to make including advertising they only had a budget of $3.85 million.

Adult tickets are usually $11 now for an evening show, so imagine paying $22 a ticket to see one movie per person. The Hobbit is offering Super Tickets where they are charging people $35 a ticket with Fandango with that purchase you get a copy of The Hobbit Unexpected Journey (2012). Would you pay that much money to go to the movie theater? We are lucky we have more to keep us entertained. If they could not go see the movie, they could read the book.





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A Streetcar Named Desire

A Streetcar Named Desire opened at the Ethel Barrymore Theater on December 3, 1947 starring none other Marlon Brandon as Stanley Kowalski and Jessica Tandy as Blanche Du Bois. Before  making it to could be seen at the Shubert Theater in New Haven, Connecticut.   Harold Clurman directed the cast while they were on tour, and when they hit Broadway changes needed to made as they always do and Elia Kazan took over.

Blanche Dubois (Vivien Leigh) and Stanley Kowalski (Marlon Brando) in A Streetcar Named Desire (1951)

As rough as these characters are because they go after their desires makes the story all the more maddening because they are so willing to hurt each other despite the fact that Stella cares for her sister Blanche so. Blanche looked at Stella’s husband and saw a beautiful man that she couldn’t resist.  There can only be trouble.If only there were ‘selfie’s then?

Trouble comes before the holidays. As we are decorating our homes and planning for parties. Our trouble can only be better trouble than that of Blanche, Stella and Stanley’s.




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Top 5 Videos of People Standing Up for Friends

1. Scene From The Breakfast Club


The group covers for Bender

2. Scene from Beverly Hills 90210

Donna Martin is not graduating with her class, and she is not allowed to take her finales, all because of a new rule.

3. Stand By Me

Gordie stands by Ace

4. Neil’s Puppet Dreams

Neil has fallen in love with a puppet but the other puppets won’t let him have her.

5.  Pippin

The finale of the musical.




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It was the Best of Times

We all have to admit that we make mistakes. If we could relive that moment….not that it is possible. Sometimes what are available to us are second chances.  Take Jack Dundee in the 1986 movie, The Best of Times. He drops the ball on a football game and that is all people keep reminding him about. This was in high school; he is now a grown man, married with kids. What is a man to do? Try, try again.




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All You Need is One Person

I told my boyfriend my recent Post One Voice  and he said it reminded him very much of the The Muppet Jim Henson‘s funeral tribute. So that I wish to share with up.



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The Rainbow Connection

The Muppets always bring up thoughts of happiness especially with thoughts of their first movie, The Original Muppet Movie. It cannot be a coincidence that they made another movie. The song that touched my heart the most was The Rainbow Connection. I love some many songs from this movie it should be a classic.

Those thoughts have not gone away being an adult. Since Jim Henson was an adult when the movie was

composed there must have been some inspiration in his own life that making that particular movie special. They are a family and they believed in each other. They were always there for each other – Friendship. Being who you are (frog, chicken, pig, bear, and dog) and go after your dreams, and that everyone is important.

Watching The Muppet Movie or listening to the music from the Muppet Movie reminds me of that eternal youth. Having those dreams, wanting them to come true, it does not matter how old you are. Some people seem to let their age stand in the way of their youth. Then fun is all but lost. You can have that youthful zeal, watch The Muppet Movie, take responsibility, and make your dreams come true.

People can deny there is no magic, but the magic is making your dreams happen. The rainbow connection is the connection you make to your audience no matter what business you are in. The Muppets face many obstacles along the way, and by living by ones values and beliefs and sticking by them. In the end the Muppets make their dreams happen on their own terms. Its loveable! Its wacky! Its magic!



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