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How to Answer a Telephone Survey?


Always remember if the phone rings, you never have to answer it, if you are eating you dinner, visiting your friends.

Phone calls from people asking for your opinion on a variety of information from shopping to politics can come at the most annoying times. Whether you want to take part or not, your information can be helpful to the group doing the survey, or the business looking for information to improve their product.

They are asking you to volunteer your time.

When you receive a phone call for a survey, it is random. Some phone numbers are computer generated. If the number was computer generated the person calling to give you the survey more than likely will tell that.

Telling the respondent “You have the wrong number” will just make you sound like an idiot. If you are being called for a survey, they are never calling the wrong number.

You may wonder why they are calling my cell phone. Some people use cell phones as their primary phone. They do not know if the cell phone is your primary phone or not unless you tell them.

People who call you doing surveys – do not know if the number they are calling is (a) blocked, (b) unlisted (c) a business phone (d) fax or (e) disconnected.

The person usually has to ask as it was given to them at length to you.

You can always refuse to answer a question.

Play it smart, if you do not wish to take part, just say, “I don’t wish to participate”, the person doing the survey will understand.




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