A Christmas Carol was First Published on December 17, 1843

The novella by Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol, or Scrooge as some may call it, was first published on December 17, 1843 by Chapman & Hall. This is the perfect gift for someone to find in his or her stocking or under the tree on Christmas morning.

This story befitting even of today’s standards as Ebenezer Scrooge, Charles Dickens’s leading character, mirrors so many of today’s Republicans and other Capitalists. Marley’s ghost comes to visit Ebenezer and turns his whole life upside down. After all, Scrooge believed if a man wasn’t working, he didn’t deserve to be paid, they belong in jail or in the workhouses. It wasn’t his job to feed the poor. Scrooge cares about money, the making of money, and holidays come in second place. If Scrooge is working, so are his employees. As far as he is concerned, everything else is frankly, “Bah! Humbug!” Bob Cratchit, his clerk who he paid a minimal stipend, even though he had a family to support, is the one who has to hear this from his boss Mr. Scrooge. Most of the time when he asks for time of the answer is an astounding, “No.” The other family members pitch in, because Cratchit’s meager salary hardly covered the costs  to fulfill all the family needs. His family never complained. Scrooge complained all the time.

It also carries the meaning of Christmas, and reminds us about what is important. The story has become immortal. Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, this time honored classic cannot help but touch your heart, because Charles Dickens was a humanitarian, and it is obvious he cared about people, and saw through the foolishness of law and of men. It also made a huge impact on society and influence can be seen in many of our favorite holiday classics.

The ideas I present to you are all thanks to Charles Dickens. He was always the social critic, constantly looking at peoples ideals and often finding ways in his books to throw it back in their faces. He was aware that their actions spoke loudly, and he used the information he gained wisely.

Here is the Audiobook of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens






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