Gone with the Wind Premiered on December 15, 1939 at the Loew’s Grand Theatre

On December 15, 1939 in Atlanta, Georgia, Gone with the Wind premiered at the Loew’s Grand Theatre. One million people attended. They had three days of festivities in honor of the movie and they even had a parade. There were limousines and people dressed in costumes like confederates. Mayor William B. Hartsfield hosted the event and Eurith D. Rivers, the governor of Georgia attended, and declared December 15 a state holiday. Clark Gable attended the event under direst, he wanted to boycott the event, but somehow someone convinced him to attend.

This would have been a great event to attend around the holidays. People in other states would have been able to give tickets to the premiere at gifts for the holiday.

To get in to see Gone with the Wind was quite expensive. There were limited seats, and it cost a $1 to see the movie. This was more than double the price. They charged this price for the show from December 1939 through July of 1940. The movie only played at a limited number of theaters.

Gone with the Wind cost 7 million to make including advertising they only had a budget of $3.85 million.

Adult tickets are usually $11 now for an evening show, so imagine paying $22 a ticket to see one movie per person. The Hobbit is offering Super Tickets where they are charging people $35 a ticket with Fandango with that purchase you get a copy of The Hobbit Unexpected Journey (2012). Would you pay that much money to go to the movie theater? We are lucky we have more to keep us entertained. If they could not go see the movie, they could read the book.






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2 responses to “Gone with the Wind Premiered on December 15, 1939 at the Loew’s Grand Theatre

  1. I ❤ Vivian Leigh. She's one of my all time favorite movie stars… I would have paid the dollar!

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