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Top 5 Videos of People Standing Up for Friends

1. Scene From The Breakfast Club


The group covers for Bender

2. Scene from Beverly Hills 90210

Donna Martin is not graduating with her class, and she is not allowed to take her finales, all because of a new rule.

3. Stand By Me

Gordie stands by Ace

4. Neil’s Puppet Dreams

Neil has fallen in love with a puppet but the other puppets won’t let him have her.

5.  Pippin

The finale of the musical.





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It was the Best of Times

We all have to admit that we make mistakes. If we could relive that moment….not that it is possible. Sometimes what are available to us are second chances.  Take Jack Dundee in the 1986 movie, The Best of Times. He drops the ball on a football game and that is all people keep reminding him about. This was in high school; he is now a grown man, married with kids. What is a man to do? Try, try again.




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All You Need is One Person

I told my boyfriend my recent Post One Voice  and he said it reminded him very much of the The Muppet Jim Henson‘s funeral tribute. So that I wish to share with up.



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One Voice

Once voice can make a difference and I am not going to mention the unmentionables (which were later reported to be lies) for example: One vote gave Adolf Hitler leadership of the Nazi Party , which was later debuned in Snopes from Dear Abby.

Barry Manilow wrote the song, ‘One Voice‘ which gives a better description.  Here is the first stanza plus a little extra:

Just One Voice,
Singing in the darkness,
All it takes is One Voice,
Singing so they hear what’s on your mind,
And when you look around you’ll find
There’s more than
One Voice,

Singing in the darkness,
Joining with your One Voice,…

This passages can say many things, or can be used in many circumstances.

It’s about standing up for yourself, for others and for making a difference. It is also about believing.

When you lose because someone rigs the system in their favor illegally you have to get mad, and to do what Elle Woods said in Legally Blonde 2, Speak up. That one voice speaking up in the darkness, soon becomes many voices in the light. If that never happens how do you never whether or not you can win.  That person risked the law by breaking it, if you don’t take a risk by doing something but by following the law, you’ll never know if you can win. Sometimes it is done by voting, sometimes it done by speaking up. If you don’t do anything you will always lose.

Please enjoy Barry Manilow singing One Voice


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How to Answer a Telephone Survey?


Always remember if the phone rings, you never have to answer it, if you are eating you dinner, visiting your friends.

Phone calls from people asking for your opinion on a variety of information from shopping to politics can come at the most annoying times. Whether you want to take part or not, your information can be helpful to the group doing the survey, or the business looking for information to improve their product.

They are asking you to volunteer your time.

When you receive a phone call for a survey, it is random. Some phone numbers are computer generated. If the number was computer generated the person calling to give you the survey more than likely will tell that.

Telling the respondent “You have the wrong number” will just make you sound like an idiot. If you are being called for a survey, they are never calling the wrong number.

You may wonder why they are calling my cell phone. Some people use cell phones as their primary phone. They do not know if the cell phone is your primary phone or not unless you tell them.

People who call you doing surveys – do not know if the number they are calling is (a) blocked, (b) unlisted (c) a business phone (d) fax or (e) disconnected.

The person usually has to ask as it was given to them at length to you.

You can always refuse to answer a question.

Play it smart, if you do not wish to take part, just say, “I don’t wish to participate”, the person doing the survey will understand.



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The Rainbow Connection

The Muppets always bring up thoughts of happiness especially with thoughts of their first movie, The Original Muppet Movie. It cannot be a coincidence that they made another movie. The song that touched my heart the most was The Rainbow Connection. I love some many songs from this movie it should be a classic.

Those thoughts have not gone away being an adult. Since Jim Henson was an adult when the movie was

composed there must have been some inspiration in his own life that making that particular movie special. They are a family and they believed in each other. They were always there for each other – Friendship. Being who you are (frog, chicken, pig, bear, and dog) and go after your dreams, and that everyone is important.

Watching The Muppet Movie or listening to the music from the Muppet Movie reminds me of that eternal youth. Having those dreams, wanting them to come true, it does not matter how old you are. Some people seem to let their age stand in the way of their youth. Then fun is all but lost. You can have that youthful zeal, watch The Muppet Movie, take responsibility, and make your dreams come true.

People can deny there is no magic, but the magic is making your dreams happen. The rainbow connection is the connection you make to your audience no matter what business you are in. The Muppets face many obstacles along the way, and by living by ones values and beliefs and sticking by them. In the end the Muppets make their dreams happen on their own terms. Its loveable! Its wacky! Its magic!



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All Souls Day

Catrinas, one of the most popular figures of the Day of the Dead celebrations at Mexico From Wikipedia

Death, Dead, Passed Away, No longer here, Some people fear death, yet others welcome it with open arms. It is scariest when you go into the hospital and you do not know what is wrong with you, or you have had a relative or friend in a terrible accident.
It is All Souls Day or the Day of the Dead. A time to remember the dearly departed, and to celebrate their passing. Many cultures celebrate the Day of the Dead or something similar and it takes place through Hallow’s Eve, and Halloween as well as All Saint’s Day.
Did you ever hear of Jeanne Calment? At 90 years of age she started receiving 2,500 francs (about $500) a month from an Andre-Francois Raffray. The joke was on his because he died at 77 years of age and she went on to live to be 120 years old. She outlived her heir to her apartment. Calment is a woman with a strong constitution.
Death can be very frightening. Going to the hospital for some can even be frightening. It means saying I am ready to let go of life. What if I go into the hospital and never come out? People are human and they make mistakes. I don’t want to be one of the people who suffer if one of them make a mistake.
People who are old often welcome death. We are not always happy that they welcome it so willingly but they often miss their dearly departed husbands or wives, and wish to be with them, as well as with other friends and family members. People were not meant to live forever. That is why we have another generation to pick up where we left off, to carry the torch. We will always remember those that passed away.


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